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A Content Creation & Career Coaching Collective


Springboard is a network of like-minded and versatile content writers, learning and training designers, media experts, teachers and trainers, entertainment industry professionals, and career coaches and mentors. Since 2006, we have been providing services to individuals, teaching faculty, small and big business, higher education, vocational education and textbook publishers.

Springboard was founded by learning/training designer and publishing executive Ellen J. Nusbaum. 

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OUR VISION is to be a one-stop shop for your content and career needs.


OUR MISSION is to connect individuals and business to the affordable content and career services they need through an easy-to-navigate website, refreshing and reliable virtual interactions with our team members and delivery of quality, ADA-compliant products and services that make your life better without breaking the bank.

Solutions & Results

Whether you are faculty, a small business, an artist or a major textbook publisher, your needs are as important as anyone's. We provide solutions and results with the same level of commitment to each client and engagement no matter the budget.