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Expert Accreditation Prep Services

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When you're ready to validate your curriculum, Springboard IDs will help you assemble the programmatic components you need to submit your application to the relevant accreditation body.

We employ a 7-step process that includes evaluating the accrediting body standards, benchmarking and researching, then building the blueprint of program learning outcomes and components (such as learning objectives and course syllabi) to accreditation standards.

Accreditation Preparation tasks and pricing is impacted by:

  • number of simultaneous accreditations to address

  • degree level

  • discipline area

***Please be as detailed as you can in your quote request***

Accreditation Deliverables Typically Include:

  • Detailed Program Map

  • Program Learning Objectives (PLO)

  • Course Map

  • Program Grid

  • PLO-to-Accreditation(s) Map(s)

  • PLO-to-Courses Map

  • Outside Hours Breakdown Spreadsheet

  • Syllabus Planning Document

  • Initial Syllabi Creation

  • Assembly into Requirements Document

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