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Bespoke Script Coverage: Never an Intern

$190 flat fee for coverage by our seasoned script writer!

Whether you’re a new writer or someone looking to polish a draft, our PROFESSIONAL script coverage provides ONE LEVEL of no holds barred coverage for learning and career success as a scriptwriter (**coverage does NOT include any editing or rewriting**):

  • Logline

  • Character Summary

  • Plot Summary, Genre

  • Breakdown of Critique by Premise, Character, Plot, Pacing

  • General Impressions

  • Advice on Changes, as applicable

  • Recommendations, such as audience/companies/networks to pitch to

  • A Pass, Consider or Recommendation Rating

*Margin Notes/PDF Notes, are extra


Coverage Expert's Bio

​Our coverage expert is a current professional TV/Film writer (NOT INTERN) in the entertainment industry with real world experience providing bespoke script evaluations for such production companies as Zucker Productions, Okay Goodnight!, and Trilogy Entertainment Group.


  1. Click the corresponding Order Script Coverage Now button.

  2. Attach the document you want reviewed, and add any questions.

  3. When we receive your submission, we will review the document  and let you know any concerns or changes as well as turn around time for your approval before issuing you your invoice and Payment Link.   

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