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Diversity and Inclusion Reviews

Illustration of diverse group and a diversity circle

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion evaluations (also referred to as DEI and Sensitivity Readings) of your content ensure that your internal and external materials are free from bias and harmful or inaccurate information and stereotypes, thereby strengthening your relationships with your employees and the public.

Springboard's effective custom content experts in sensitivity and diversity will REVIEW and REVISE your written and graphical material for inclusive language and imagery as well as to make sure you properly navigate the nuances that impact individuals of varying ethnicity, race, culture, religion, sexual orientation, gender identification, physical and mental health, and disability.

Remember to attach document you want reviewed.

INSTRUCTIONS: Diversity & Sensitivity Review and Revision pricing is based on the level of review and revision detail you are seeking.

  1. Select the plan you feel matches your project needs best, and click the corresponding Order Now button.

  2. Attach the document you want reviewed.

  3. When we receive your submission, we will review the document and plan selected and let you know any concerns or changes as well as turn around time for your approval before issuing you your invoice and Payment Link.   

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